Our recruitment process

We will start our off-season training soon, which is a gentle and fun introduction to robotics, where you will get to build and program a robot yourself and learn the critical concepts of robotics! There will be an opportunity to join the team for the competition season towards the end of the training.

The course will be taught with Arduino and Python and will cover the fundamental concepts of robot design and programming.

The training program is for all students who would like to pursue robotics as a hobby. We will finalize the 2023-2024 season’s team in August 2023. If you are interested in joining the competition season, we highly recommend joining our training.

We are keeping the class size small, to ensure high-quality instruction.

There will be two courses, one primarily focused on robot hardware and design, and one primarily focused on robot programming.

The courses will be taught by the experienced coaches of Vortex Robotics, who are technology experts and have experience teaching robotics.

Course 1: Design and Build:
Understand the fundamentals of robot design and build. Through instruction from experienced coaches and hands-on training from veteran members, gain skills in building a versatile robot controlled by an Arduino.

Course 2: Robot Programming:
Unlock the potential of your robot by programming it with python! Coaches will teach concepts of programming the robot, and veteran members will support projects.