Coaches and Mentors

Our passionate coaches and mentors who have helped the team grow and learn.

Shalin Mehta

Lead Coach

I am a life-long learner of the science of light, logic, and life. I enjoy mentoring the younger generation. Coaching the Vortex Robotics team is my favorite hobby outside of work. At work, I lead an interdisciplinary research team at the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub that designs robotic microscopes.

Kaushik Pal


Growing up I’ve always wanted to be in the visual arts. Developing Video Games and then working at Apple has given me the opportunity to create programmatic art in various capacities. I am excited to be involved with the Vortex team. The contagious enthusiasm and problem-solving sessions with the kids present fun challenges and new areas of learning!

Harinder Bhatia


Mallika Agarwal

Youth mentor

I’ve been participating in FIRST since 5th grade and am super passionate about robotics and the life-long skills that FIRST competitions provide. I co-founded Vortex Robotics in 2018 and captained it for 4 years. I’m now a freshman at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and help the team by providing feedback on their documentation, preparing them for the judge interview, and assisting with any technical components they need. I love to play tennis, play boardgames, and watch movies while hanging out with my bunny.

Previous Coaches and Mentors

Our previous coaches and mentors who have now moved on

Asif Suria

2022-2023 Mentor

Gyan Prakash

2018-2022 Lead coach
2022-2023 Coach

Pragya Prakash

2022-2023 youth mentor