Eight Passionate Middle ands High Schoolers from the SF Bay Area!

Shashvat Mehta

Shashvat is a freshman at San Mateo High School. This is his third year participating in FTC, and it has become one of his favorite activities. He is the co-captain and navigation lead this year, but he also loves contributing to outreach, documentation, and hardware/design. Some of his hobbies outside of robotics include coding, making 3D models in Blender, playing soccer, and cooking.

Reet Bhatia

Reet is a freshman attending Aragon High School and has been a dedicated member of Vortex Robotics for three years. She is the co-captain, mechanisms lead, and outreach lead, but also enjoys contributing to to software development, and documentation. Beyond robotics, she loves playing tennis, listening to audiobooks, playing guitar and baking. 

Sonakshi Rajput

Sona is a freshman at Aragon High School and this is her second year participating in the First Tech Challenge. She is the documentation lead, and she also loves to help out with mechanisms, software and outreach! Some of her hobbies outside robotics are, playing Water Polo and playing the Piano, as well as painting and spending time with her family and friends!

Neel Pal

Neel is a freshman attending Hillsdale High School, and this is his second year in FTC. He is the navigation co-lead and he enjoys helping out with mechanisms sometimes too. He likes designing and building mechanisms to make our robot the best it can be and he is excited to participate in this year’s challenge. Some of his hobbies are creating VFX, drawing, playing sports like basketball and football, riding his skateboard, and playing his guitar.

Tanish Kandalu

Tanish, a freshman at Aragon High School, embarks on his inaugural year with Vortex. His primary goal is to glean wisdom from the team’s seasoned Veterans, augmenting his expertise and refining his skills by a significant margin. Currently, he predominantly contributes to the mechanical sub-team, yet he aspires to expand his skills by delving into programming. Apart from his involvement in robotics, his main pastimes include playing basketball and engaging in chess.

Navya Kayath

Navya is an eighth grader at Bowditch Middle School, and this is her first year doing robotics in FTC. Previously, she has done VEX robotics, where her team made it to the quarter finals in regionals. She contributes primarily in the hardware design of the robot, and scouts during tournaments. Besides robotics, Navya has a passion for reading, art, piano, and writing. She is excited to be a part of Team Vortex!

Siddarth Sharma

Siddharth is an 8th grader and this is his 1st year participating in F.T.C. He helps out the team in various things like software and hardware. Some of his hobbies are to play videogames and football.

Yash Gandhi

Yash is a 7th grader and participating in FTC for the first time. This is his second year doing robotics and has become one of his favorite activities. He contributes mostly by engineering and pit crew during tournaments. Some of his other favorite hobbies are football and soccer.

Previous Members

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