2020-21 Ultimate Goal


The objective of the 2020-2021 FTC Ultimate Goal challenge is to create a robot that can score as many points as possible. The scoring elements are rings and a wobble goal. In the 30-second autonomous period (preprogrammed instructions), robots can earn points by delivering a wobble goal to the correct target zone, parking over the launch line, launching/placing rings into the low, mid, or high goal, and knocking down powershot targets. Followed by the 30-second autonomous period, the 2-minute driver-controlled period begins, where robots can continue scoring points by placing/launching rings into the low, mid, or high goals. The last 30 seconds of this period is the endgame, where robots may earn bonus points by launching rings at Powershot targets, returning a wobble goal to the start line, placing rings onto the wobble goal, and lifting the wobble goal over the front wall into the drop zone.


1. We used mecanum wheels for our chassis because they can move in all directions without having to turn, ensuring that our robot can quickly move across the field.

2. We used a spinning wheel intake to pick up the rings and transport them to our shooting mechanism.

3. We used 2 flywheels that spun outward to shoot the ring into the targets with a precise and accurate trajectory.

4. We 3D printed our own claw and used a rotational motor to allow the robot to pick up and move the wobble goal in the game.5. We used suspension odometry pods to get more accurate location tracking in our autonomous.