2022-2023 Outreaches

This year, we have done a number of outreaches, to professional companies, communities without much access to robotics, and schools, where we can inspire our peers to participate in STEM activities as well.

School Outreaches

We have done multiple outreaches at schools, including our own school Bowditch, to our peers. We have taught kids in younger age groups about robotics, at Audubon and Brewer Island elementary schools.

  • 360+ students impacted
  • 8 overall presentations at schools

Professional Outreaches

As well as presenting to people our own age, we have presented to people in the STEM field. This includes companies such as Medgenome and CZ Biohub.

  • 2 STEM companies reached
  • 30 professionals contacted

International/Interlingual Outreaches

We have broken language barriers by presenting to classes in Hindi. We presented to the Hindi class at Chinmaya Mission, where we taught them about robotics and informed them about FTC. We also presented to over 50 8th and 9th graders at Vidya Niket School in India and interested many of them in joining our summer classes.

  • 75+ students presented to
  • Talked to 2 students about starting their own FTC team